Deciding Upon Rudimentary Secrets In Pain Management

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This is put in through needles, and the battery pack is put in with really a small incision in the back, and slipped into the back.” Linn said that close to two dozen patients have tried HF 10 Therapy, with about a 75 percent success rate. But most important, it gives chronic pain patients the potential to reduce their dependence on prescription narcotics. “Just using narcotic medications to manage pain is a fairly two-dimensional approach. It’s just treating one aspect of pain and forgetting about all other aspects of pain, Linn said. Pain travels through various nerves to get to your brain, and narcotics don’t cover them all.” Narcotics also carry the risk of escalating tolerance. “Another issue with narcotics is almost everyone develops tolerance to the basics medication,” Linn said. “What that means is that they work very well for a short period of time. Using medications to treat chronic pain usually results in an escalation of the medications, just because they stop being effective at some point. And then you get on a slippery slope of continuing to increase narcotics to get the same effect, and the next thing you know they are on a large dose of narcotic medication.” Lindy Oliver has been Linn’s patient for close to five years and has experienced chronic back pain for a decade. “It’s depressing, Oliver said.

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